Four Things That Define Osinbajo

There are at least four unique attributes that stands Vice President Yemi Osinbajo out among the pack, according to Mr. Laolu Akande, his Spokesperson in his tribute on his principal’s 63rd birthday today.

“Those are :

  1. The grace of God that ordains and separates him and which causes him to be elevated and triumphant;
  2. The fear of God,
  3. Relentless hardworking ethos and
  4. A tremendous understanding of strategy and timing.”

Explaining further, Akande who said he had relocated from the US to serve the Buhari/Osinbajo administration in pursuit of its reform agenda, noted that so far he has also become a student of the rare constellation of qualities discovered in the Vice President.

Detailing further on each of the four attributes, Akande states that the grace of God is the “very foundation of Prof Yemi Osinbajo. It defines who he is, assures him of God’s readiness, willingness and ability to fight his battles and that grace produces the awareness that secures God’s purposes for his life.”

Second, according to him, is the fear of God, which moderates his attitude and produces the humility many know him for. It is because he fears that the he honours everyone’s their God-given dignity as you will easily learn from those close to him. It’s why he is such a loyal person and upholds such attributes and values including patience and endurance.

Third is his preparation, evinced by past and current hardworking ethos. Prof Osinbajo does not court mediocrity and if you really want to work with him or be close to him, forget mediocrity. It’s excellence or nothing.

And lastly, his knowledge, strategy and timing, proof that indeed he knows what to do and how to get it done, often times.

Concluding Akande said ” I have gladly been a student this past 5 years working closely for this very good man. And we are all thankful to God for preserving his life and for blessing him so much for God’s own glory. Happy 63rd birthday to President Buhari’s able right hand man.”

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