NSCIA Call for State of Emergency Unnecessary – Group

The recent call by the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs has come to us as a surprise and we totally disagree with the position that the federal government should declare a state of emergency on insecurity in the country, the Initiative To Save Democracy has said.

“We believe that the President Muhammadu Buhari administration is taking several measures to contain the security challenges in the country. It is also common knowledge that apart from recruiting more security personnel, the Buhari administration has started acquiring necessary equipment for the military. Just recently, the Nigeria Air Force inaugurated various types of equipment to be used in tackling the security challenges.

“We are confident that based on the efforts of the federal government, there is no cause for alarm. Therefore any call for a state of emergency amounts to scare-crow and a harbinger of unpredictable negative consequences. As a matter of fact the declaration of a state of emergency will send the wrong signal to the investing public, especially the foreign investors and as today there is no indicator that Nigeria has gone into an uncontrollable security situation.

“We therefore call on the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs to rethink their position as the federal government is on top of the situation. Rather than advocating for a state of emergency the NSCIA should join hands with the federal and state governments to bring the anti-social elements under control.” Akinloye James, its President said.

The group noted that it is only through a coordinated effort of all Nigerians, including the NSCIA that undesirable elements like kidnappers, Boko haram, armed robbers and bandits will be brought to justice.

“We therefore wish to reassure Nigerians that the Buhari administration is focussed on securing the country and their days are numbered.” He noted

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