FACTS: How Dauda Lawal Funded Atiku’s Chicago Wild Goose Chase

Facts have emerged on how the Zamfara State Governor, Dauda Lawal, a former Director at First Bank who had a mysterious relationship with Nigerian corruption fugitive, Diezani Madueke, funded the Atiku led campaign to question the records of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Chicago State University.

Sources close to the former First Bank Director, boasted that the Governor had single handedly financed the legal team that went to the President’s alma mata to dig up his old records.

“As a newcomer to the field of politics, Dauda needed to prove his worth. Once someone had raised the possibility of digging deeper into President Tinubu’s school records by getting a team to travel to Chicago to investigate the President, Dauda offered to fund it to the last cent.

“In his proud manner, he said he would foot the bill. That they should let him know whatever the cost. Most of the monies were pocketed by the third parties that facilitated the engagement of the lawyers. But he spent a lot of money,” the source said.

He went further to state that Dauda knew that the bid to embarrass the President was bound to fail, but “he wanted to be a show off and earn the respect of his fellow Governors present.”

It is recalled that the Supreme Court had quashed the request by the PDP to introduce the issue of the President’s result into the appeal describing the action of the opposition party as a “joke taken too far.”

Earlier this month, a group, Arewa APC Youth Vanguard accused Mr Dauda Lawal of calling for the resignation of the President over claims that he forged his result. Sources around Mr Lawal confirmed that he indeed made that call.

Describing him as an unsteady man, with zero moral compass, a former colleague to the Governor who was contacted on this issue stated that Mr Dauda Lawal was the apt description of “anywhere belle face.”

The banker who asked not to be named accused Dauda Lawal of being driven by the “desire to be liked and popular even though he had nothing to offer.”

“Dauda would pander to the crowd. He would do anything so that he can be noticed in a gathering. But when the backlash comes, Dauda would be the first to run into hiding. He would say he wasn’t involved. I am not surprised that he would fund Atiku’s craze just to win the favor of the former Vice President,” the source said.

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