#PantamiMustStay: The Real Terrorist Sympathizers Are Those Fighting Dr Pantami

The real terrorist sympathisers are those who have always kept mum when their friends orchestrate or promote terrorism. The likes of David HundredNaira, Oby Ezekwesili, Cheta, Femi Fani-Kayode, Ayo Sogunro, etc

They are those who go hush when IPOB and ESN kill Northerners in our lands to create tension in the country. They are those who lost their voices when thugs in the name of EndSARS destroyed Lagos

They are the ones now speaking and shouting that a man who is by a thousand miles morally more upright than they are should resign

The real terrorist sympathisers are those who keep shut when terrorism happens right in their backyard

Where was Oby Ezekwesili’s voice when ESN and IPOB were killing Northerners in Rivers and Ebonyi States?

Has Oby Ezekwesili ever condemned Nnamdi Kanu and his more than terroristic rhetoric?

Has David HundredNaira ever condemned Nnamdi Kanu or the attacks on businesses in Lagos State under the guise of EndSARS fuelled by Nnamdi Kanu’s radio?

Has he ever even written a story about how that radio is a tool for terrorism?

Where was David HundredNaira when IPOB and their ilk broke into prisons and released over 1800 terrorists to make the entire Eastern Nigeria unsafe?

Military men were killed by Ortom’s militia in Benue State—members of our armed forces and those who represent our sovereignty—but these terrorist sympathisers kept quiet because they enjoyed it

When Gana was arrested and killed by our armed forces, those today asking Dr. Pantami to resign did not raise a hand of praise for our armed forces. It was a sad event for them

How many times has David HundredNaira and his friends ever condemned Femi Fani-Kayode for his inciting comments?

How many times has David HundredNaira and his friends ever condemned Cheta and his ilk for their divisiveness and e-terrorism?

How many times has David HundredNaira and his friends ever come out to fight against the promotion of terrorism against the Fulanis on social media? In fact is that not what this campaign is all about?

The real terrorist sympathisers are the ones shouting Pantami should resign. My response to them is #PantamiMustStay whether they like it or not

Thankfully Pantami has said that those statements which he made that showed he had a soft spot for the Taliban were made when he didn’t know better. He has recanted and is fighting against terrorism with his preachings #PantamiMustStay

I beat my chest to say that Dr. Isa Pantami has done more in fighting and tackling terrorism through his teachings and debates than ALL those who are coming against him today #PantamiMustStay

By Dr. Thompson Udenwa

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