COVID-19 Lockdown: Ismaeel Ahmed Leads Colleagues and Friends to Make Food Donations in Bwari Area Council

In continuation of his Food Pantry project, Ismael Ahmed, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Social Investment, in collaboration with other aides of the Presidency, the Buhari New Media Centre, the All Progressives Congress, and well-meaning Nigerians have made food donations to the poor and vulnerable families in Ushafa, Bwari Area Council.

Ismaeel Ahmed explained that the donations, a total of 100 bags of 5 kg rice, 100 bags of 2.5 kg beans and several packs of indomie, are targeted at vulnerable families who have been affected by the lockdown.

“The donations are being made to poor and vulnerable households who are affected by the lockdown announced by President Buhari. We are targeting those people who by virtue of this lockdown cannot operate their small businesses anymore, do not receive any gifts and lack food for their day to day survival.

“We would continue to identify these families through our contact persons in their communities, and as we receive more donations of food items from our friends and colleagues we would continue to provide succour to more people while the lockdown continues.”

Ismaeel Ahmed also made a cash donation of an undisclosed amount to a blind young man, Michael Jeremiah, a graduate of GSS Kwali, stating that Michael’s determination and zeal was exemplary to physically challenged people, he further encouraged him not to relent in his life’s pursuits.

Mr Ayobami Oyalowo a stalwart of the APC and financial expert, who made donations as well explained that such interventions were necessary to cushion the hard effects of the lockdown on poor families.

“Without interventions like this, the economic effects of the lockdown would be catastrophic on poor families. They earn their living on a day-to-day basis. Without the opportunity to move around they are hard hit. There are also those who work in the main city but live in the outskirts, their daily living has been affected by the lockdown.”

This would be the third location where Barrister Ismaeel Ahmed has led his colleagues and friends to make food donations during the lockdown. Donations have been made to Gwari Village and Unguwan Gade in Kuje Area Council.

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