Congress Certification of Joe Biden: America Prevailed Against A Deranged President by Segun Tomori

I congratulate for the umpteenth time,  President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris on the certification of their victory by Congress, on the heels of the unprecedented assault on democracy by domestic terrorists, yesterday.

We watched with great consternation as America, regarded as the bastion of democracy in the World was desecrated and demystified by a rabid mob,  instigated by a deranged sore loser.  The Capitol regarded as one of its most sacred institutions was invaded – a first in 232 years.

This was the climax of over 2 months of election denial by Donald Trump as he consistently mouthed baseless conspiracy theories, spread misinformation and utter falsehoods – rejected by over 60 courts and at least 88 bi-partisan judges across America.

The victory he couldn’t procure in the courts, he ceaselessly sought to steal in the court of public opinion using his twitter handle and the “Presidential bully pulpit” to stoke the fire, instil distrust in the integrity of the electoral process and rile his supporters to violence.

Trump succeeded in diminishing America’s standing in the comity of nations, making it a replica of the worst of 3rd World countries.

Thankfully, American institutions stood strong and vehemently repudiated him, culminating in Congress certification of Electoral College votes for Joe Biden this morning. The will of the people, no matter whose ox is gored must prevail,  that in itself is the essence of democracy.

President Joe Biden has his work cut out for him – Heal divisions, restore decency to the White House and unite America!

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