BMO Commends Mele Kyari On NNPC Transparent Recruitment

The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) has commended the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for its transparency in the recently concluded recruitment exercise.

Giving kudos to the corporation’s Group Managing Director (GMD), Mr Mele Kyari, BMO said the abundance of testimonies of young applicants who knew no one, applied to the NNPC, went through the recruitment processes and have now been called to serve at the nation’s Petroleum Company, is a template that is worth commending.

In a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, the pro-Buhari group said it was excited to read the many affirmations of beneficiaries of the NNPC employment, who had said they knew no one, and got in through the fair but rigorous recruitment process.

“This is a worthy template that government institutions should adopt. A fair, transparent and clean recruitment process. These things make people believe in and trust the system.

“The delight of applicants who have been recruited, their families, friends and relations, has been palpable, especially on social media. We are delighted as well.”

While congratulating the new employees, BMO encouraged the NNPC management to continue in this right path in all its endeavours and called on Mallam Mele Kyari “to remain consistent in this right path of openness, transparency and fairness. We believe that this pattern equally reflects in the other facets of the running of NNPC; the frequent reports and even improved profits are testimonies to this.”

BMO also noted that the Buhari administration has chosen transparency as a benchmark for its recruitment processes, as this would not be the first time that people who knew no “big-man” were given employment with the government, strictly on merit under the Buhari administration.

“The N-Power programme, under the Social Investment Programmes, is a recent example of this. The beneficiaries knew nobody in any high place, applied for the over 500,000 job slots and got them without any ‘connections’. The recruitment was 100% merit-based.

“Under the President Buhari administration, merit, as well as equality, are the hallmarks of selection. We commend all those in the positions of leadership who are ensuring that this hallmark is not blemished.”

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