8 Big Decisions The New FIRS Chairman, Muhammad Nami Announced At The 2020 FIRS Corporate Retreat

1. All new staff posted to field offices would be recalled to undergo Induction and Preliminary Inspector of Taxes courses;

2. All new staff that could not finish their documentation would have to wait until 1 above is accomplished;

3. All refund cases are to be reviewed;

4. Training Schools would be resuscitated in all the geopolitical zones which would be named after past Chairmen of FIRS;

5. Promotion would not be based on exams only. Meeting one’s target, without passing Exams, can earn one promotion;

6. Any Head of Department, TC, etc that can not meet his/her target would not be in that office the coming year;

7. Audit Department and Investigation Department would have the largest number of staff among all the other Departments;

8. Consultants would only be engaged when necessary.

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