Dele Momodu’s Cheap Publicity Stunt Has Backfired — ISD Mocks Ovation Publisher

The video of the former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Allison-Madueke, who is undergoing multiple investigations for fleecing the nation, committing reckless and unimaginable acts of corruption, where she speaks on “yahoo-yahoo” boys is not just an unfortunate paradox, but a sad indictment on the cheap publicity stunt carried out by Dele Momodu on her behalf, the Initiative to Save Democracy (ISD) has said.

In a statement signed by Mr Akinloye James the group’s Chairman, ISD recalled how Dele Momodu, the Publisher of Ovation Magazine had floated a platform called Boss Magazine, to usher in an interview he had with Mrs Allison-Madueke; “in it, he tried to sell to the world, with sad-looking-pictures and woeful commentary, a sickly cancer patient who needed all the pity in the world.”

Describing Dele Momodu’s publicity stunt as a tragedy to journalism, the group questioned the ethical consideration he made before offering himself as a tool to make a known face of looting and financial criminality look good.

“Mr Momodu, a seasoned publisher, should have looked the other side when the charming-temptation of Diezani’s publicity offer was broached to him – that would have offered him, today, some air of pride and respect.

“Unfortunately, not only has he desecrated the ethics of the profession, but he has postured himself as an embarrassment to journalism. One who we must carefully assess his words if we are to take them seriously.

“That hatchet job was spiteful to the fight against corruption. It was a bold attempt to white-wash Mrs Allison-Madueke, who was on the run, hiding away from answering questions bordering on her alleged misappropriation, scandalous management of the nation’s resources and unbridled looting of our commonwealth.

“While the whole world, especially President Muhammadu Buhari, was championing that there must be a consensus in the world, among its leaders, and among the everyday people, that corruption must be dealt with and not permitted any breathing space, it was most unfortunate that Mr Momodu decided to side with the antagonists of this matter.”

ISJ stated that the journalism profession is for people with a high sense of integrity who must not trade their platforms to be on the side of the fleecers of the country, like Mrs Allison-Madueke, a corruption-suspect turned motivational speaker.

“The media must take a decisive and unflinching stand against corruption. It must not just expose the corrupt, it must not give them room to launder their image.

“No Nigerian should ever take sides with the corrupt for cheap pound sterlings. No amount of money can pay for the integrity at stake”, the statement added.

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