Into the World of Mohammed Mu’azu, His Selfless Philanthropy, Yearn for Cultural Integration and Growth

If you are conversant with the northern digital space and social media trends, Mohammed Auwal Mu’azu or his exploits on his social media space must have crossed your radar at least once or more. But for emphasis, let’s take a brief insight on who he is.

Mohammed Auwal Mu’azu is a native of Gombe state and a resident of Kaduna state. He acquired his primary and secondary education in Kaduna state and also a HND from Kaduna State Polytechnic.

Mohammed is an entrepreneur and a digital nomad with exploits that is positioned to put the north on a pedestal of growth and synchronization with global cultural perception and standards while maintaining norms and traditions. He also thrives to promote peace and unity between hundreds of ethnic groups and divide in our country. He hopes to bridge the gap between the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western part of the country while gaining the North and its positive norms and culture, its deserved exposure and applause.

As a result of his networking prowess and business endeavors, Mohammed is reportedly said to constantly shuttle from Kaduna to Abuja back and forth on a regular all in a bid to stay consistent and relevant in his niche space.

Mohammed doubles as a publicity coordinator with an event management company that is geared towards organizing events to promote entrepreneurs and businesses with high prospects either in their startup or incubation period to help gain them the desired publicity and brand awareness they need to aid their startup operations. Other event varieties involve concerts, food expos, meet and greet, family fun fairs and more.

One very important and laudable intention of his endeavor with the blog and grounding it in the cultural niche, which highlights the North (Arewa) is the fact that he thrives to demystify a misconception of Northerners by non-Northerners. These misconceptions have been a thorn in our reach for unity and a shared worry amongst all northerners especially the ones who interact with non-northerners on a regular. These misconceptions are many which ranges from seeing the north as a rot to the society, mainly invalidating our educational strength and mass intellect regardless of the milestones and notable figures in the field of Academia. It is Mohammed’s wish for the north to squash these misconceptions by encouraging privilege northerners to invest in education in the north and make it accessible regardless of social class and financial strength. Also, despite the fact that some amount of the north has been ravaged by crisis, which have been politically motivated, we are naturally a peaceful, trustworthy, selfless and tolerant set of people and would like the country and world to witness these good qualities on a global scale. In terms of usage of natural resources and quota contribution to the economy, he touches on agriculture. The north has been an agricultural giant and has the mass agricultural strength to feed the nation. All we need do is come together and aid the country towards economy diversification through our agriculture.

Aside, the exceptional work he does on his social media platform with promoting culture and values, Mohammed is a selfless philanthropist whom has covered a wide range needs of people and expectations which saw a huge spike within this period of Ramadan. While many of these aids and philanthropic acts comes from his personal purse and sheer willingness, it also rubs off on many people within his circle and audience as his blog and influence helps publicize people’s needs and they get other helpers to come to their aid. Before the kickoff of Ramadan, Mohammed fed over 200 families across different areas and specifically the needy ones.

Days ago, he distributed food items to sustain households for three days or more. A while ago, he made a post on his platform to help a family at the brink of homelessness and called out for any form of assistance and in two days, the family got somebody who took the weight of building them an entire house while they get separate aid for feeding and upkeep. His page and most definitely his messages are filled with gratitude of countless many more he has helped or aided to reach their goals.

The idea of staying dormant and staying in one place scares Mohammed, hence his explorative and outward persona. He advises every inspiring young and upcoming business minded individual to be prayerful, be patient and keep the fire of passion burning.

It’s obvious and very commendable what Mohammed has achieved in short time frame with zeal to do more and it’s just pertinent to encourage like minds with equal or more privilege to take such initiative to aid as much as we can. As he said in one his interviews, we can’t wait on the government for everything in the course of our development. So, the ball is in our court.

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